I'm testing this to see how it works now.
It looks a bit different , and there some new features and whatnot.
Are the rules for this one the same?
Like can I only put up to ten images?
Or can I do more now?
I'm going to find out, and when I do I'm going to delete this one and try to start up a nice and proper blog.
One where I'll just blather on and on about anime I've watched and what new useless toys I've picked up.
Ok so it does have a data limit.
You still have to put them up via links...
test pic

Ok that was a bit a pain, but I can get used to it, also i can resize it when it's posted which is nice.
So now let's see how many I can put up.
The limit was ten, is it the same or can I do more now?

^Wow, this was actually a nice pic...

Another nice new feature, pics can be captioned! Woot!

but it leaves a rather large box... I don't know what to do with that... I'll figure it out later...

Another nice thing I can center these pics as well.
I'm not sure If you could do that with the old system, ( maybe but I didn't notice it) but I like this as it allows me to make a cleaner looking entry.
Lum is Love, Lum is life XD

So the resizing and centering is nice as well as the captions, I really like this quite a bit... Now I just need to get a new camera... (my old one stopped working...)

Jiji don't even have to try, he gets honeys all on da fly :3

There are a lot of things I want to do

And a lot things I want to write

Looking now at this pic I should have cropped it bit more....

If you don't center the pic it defaults to the left. One more pic to go...

ok now lets see if we can do more that ten, if all you see is ten welp then it's still ten, but that's fine...


So here we go....
Huzzah we can do more than ten!

Well I found the edit button... So huzzah for me?
I'll tinker with this a bit more over the next couple of days and i think I'll be good to go...
Yay for me...

Because some one pointed this out....