Pinky: Our story begins in a universe far way blah blah you know where earth doesnít exist because it was destroyed by something called the Darkness. A scarlet lightning cloud which is autonomous. In turn made the Earth inhabitable.
Star Fighters
Episode 1: New Heroes
A part of a town looks like a warzone. At the center a child appears out of the smoke and rumble.
Tenchi: Kevin what did you do?
Kevin: I felt someone in my mind trying to release the 9th oni.
Tenchi: (thinking to himself) Is it someone from Creed who tried release the Kurioís power?
Kurio= 9th oni
Kevin: Who would benefit from releasing Kurioís power in populated places?
Tenchi: grabbed Kevin out the rambled brought him to vacant hallway. Then Tenchi whispered to him. Itís Creed an organization which is terrorist and mercenary is their main source of income. As for their goal, itís to borrow some of the Darknessís power for what purpose I donít know. All I can gather their members are very skilled and powerful.
Kevin: Fine Iíll be on toes.
Tenchi: speaking normal to Kevin. Iím telling all this because another thing I figured out their hunting down holders, but hereís the thing you canít extract onis from their users. Ok thanks for the insurance.
Kevin: I heard rumors that their seeing which country is threat to their organization. You know I have crew and Jake is second command with his own group. So, word gets around. My crew isnít criminal one, but to be honest we run protection racket no payment require. Some of our customer do gives us some money, if youíre wondering we didnít make it them give us money.
Tenchi: How did you come across this information? Dude you this could draw unnecessary attention toward the Rascals but never mind that. Takes a deep breath and groans.
Kevin: I guess your right Iíll tell my boys keep low profile than.
Tenchi: Thatís good to hear. Now letís the police take care of the cleanup.
Police officer: Hold it I need to ask you some question we know you didnít consciously aware of your actions because witnesses says Kevin wasnít acting like himself. Also, your teacher here did tell us about Creed as well. We are had been attentive and on guard to make sure their activities cease, but they always slip away from us.
Kevin: I hope you can get them. So, Iím going to leave with Tenchi. Is that okay?
Police officer: Thatís fine. Weíll be in touch.
Tenchi and Kevin leave to train. Black to outer space with satellite station with sign I.P.A