I am undeniably a diehard anime fan. So when it comes to choosing my favorites, Iím honestly at a loss. There are so many and itís hard to pick a few, but then again, every anime fan has these few characters that he relates to slightly more than the other. Its lot just about how macho or how popular a character is but about the world he lives in, the places he comes from and the odds heís had to fight all his life. Each character comes with a whole new perspective on life and all the credit goes to the wonderful creators, writers and directors who manage to create a world that is entirely fantasy and yet, draws us in and makes us feel like a part of it, rooting for our hero.

So here are some of my favorite anime characters that have trended in 2017 and captivated imaginations of millions of anime fans around the world:

1. Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto

Okay, you knew I will be talking about Naruto didnít you? One of the most adorable, strong willed and friendly characters ever, he make even enemies his friends and takes all odds in his stride. All he does is give and ask nothing in return, making everyone along the way happy, a true family guy who values the people in his life be it his friends, neighbors or teachers. Sometimes, he makes me cry. Despite having gone through so much, he did not let the bad things bitter him up. He remained a good guy in the face of adversaries and as whimsy as that sounds in the real world, it is definitely a virtue worth vying for.

2. L - Death Note

L is more than just another hero-figure or the perfect good guy. Some people even go as far as to call L evil. L is as a matter of fact, warrior of justice, who has to forgo all human emotions for the sake of his purpose. If that means that he has to come across as a rude, heartless guy, so be it. He has an extremely logical reaction to all events around him and his every move is thought out for the final success of his mission. L is in fact, the only one who could steal the limelight from Light. I just completely fell head over heels for him after he outdid Kira in episode two and his death caused me some serious grief. And yes, the original Death Note is any day better than the new Netflix series.

3. Goku - Dragon Ball Series

The eccentric, monkey tailed boy with superhuman strength, who made his debut in Dragon Ball chapter 1 is one of my favorites, straight up. The fact that he comes from an extraterrestrial warrior race Saiyan and then goes on to protect his adopted home Earth is fantastically endearing. He is a spirited, amicable boy who quickly transforms into a mighty warrior when thatís what is demanded of him. He channelizes his Ki to produce his signature move, the Kamehameha or the Turtle Destruction Wave. And while that energy is lethal for his opponents, he often grants mercy to his repentant enemies. All of these qualities easily make Goku one of the most lovable anime characters of all time.

4. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

Monkey is the goofy, silly and stupid but adorable kid on the block, and I for one believe that beneath that stupid image, monkey is actually a really smart guy. The stupid image, I think, simply comes from the simplicity of his mind. He doesnít complicate simple things. His calling in life is pretty simple, all he wants is meat, becoming the pirate king and protecting his Nakama. In times of need though, he has used his abilities to the maximum, so much so that he has been admired even by his enemies. So yep, Iím all for a stupid, lovable, noble at heart rubber handed guy.

5. Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan

Levi is by far my favorite badass, tough but good guy. Though he looks cold and super distanced, the fact that he deeply care about his comrades is evident. He undoubtedly is Ďhumanityís greatest soldierí. Ripping through the savage titans faster than I rip through a pizza, he manages to look lovable, though a bit cold. After having endured what Levi endured and seeing so many people die, no doubt he is cold. But that doesnít stop him from being a total slayer of bad guys and such a skilled warrior. I love everything about him, even his halodakimakura pillows.

6. Itachi Uchiha - Naruto

Despite being depicted as a villain, Itachi is a character to die for. He is probably one of the most loved villains of all anime ever. He did what he did to protect the village and his brother Sasuke, who for the most part, hated him. He was the biggest reason the war took a turn in the favor of the Allied Shinobi, because he was a skilled warrior, a true hero and a man of class. In spite of that, he considers himself beneath everyone and that is the true mark of a manís humility. Itachi is one of the deepest characters with a much layered life story that is only revealed sparingly in the series.

7. Kirito - Sword Art Online

Kirito is probably the one character with the most divided opinions among fans. But despite what the haters say, I personally love Kirito. A lot of people, who I believe donít know anime world deeply enough, tend to regard Kirito as a dimwit, or a ĎGary Stuí, but thatís just wrong. Kirito may have his problems and may use the world of virtual reality as an escape from his own life but even that makes him a relatable character. He has big problems up there in the virtual world do, he almost gets Asuna killed, but heís dealing with all of that and its real to him. He is one of the more caring and tender characters in anime and that makes him endearing.

Wrapping Up

So those are seven of my favorite anime characters that are trending right now. Of course there are way too many more, but this would turn into a book rather than a list if I could go on. Most of these shows are either currently on or have been renewed for a new season so if you are a fan, things look great. Who is your favorite? Do share.