AKA, Seinfeld the fantasy series.

RELEASE DATE: 2016-17.

EPISODES: 20+ 2 OVA's.

STUDIO: Deen (You're Under Arrest, Vampire Knight, Hetalia)

DIRECTOR: Takaomi Kanasaki (Is this a Zombie?).


Kazuma is your average everyday NEET. Unfortunately, whilst out buying a game, he tries to save a girl from a moving vehicle and dies. Before you can say “Yu Yu Hakusho did it!” he is confronted by the condescending, selfish and idiotic Goddess Aqua. She reveals that not only was the vehicle - a tractor - never going to run over anyone, but Kazuma embarrassingly died from the stress of the incident, and the doctors were too busy laughing about his predicament to save him. Even Aqua can't help but laugh.

Fortunately, Kazuma is offered a second chance at life in a fantasy world. Sure, it's terrorised by a Demon King, but being allowed to bring a special weapon with him, it's the perfect opportunity for him to live out his RPG fantasies. Being fed up by Aqua's attitude however, Kazuma wishes to bring Aqua with him and to the Goddess's horror, both are sent to this fantasy world. The only way they can return is by being granted a wish when they beat the Devil King.

However, it isn't long before Kazuma realises that harsh reality is different from his fantasies. He is stuck with a low-ranking class of adventurer and because both he and Aqua are broke, they have to live in a stable. Then, when arch-wizard Megumin joins, it turns out she's a chunnibyou who can only summon one massive explosion that drains all of her strength. Then they are joined by crusader Darkness, who reveals herself to be a clumsy masochist who can't hit her target and is better used as a meat shield.

And his troubles in adapting to this new world are only just starting...


- It provides a unique spin on the Isekai (Another world) genre with it's dark humour spin on its story. Whilst being a typical fantasy RPG anime, it also tends to poke fun at its tropes. A lot of the humour is from the flawed way Kazuma's team work, their interactions, and the misadventures that happen to them on their quest. It even does take a turn for the Seinfeld, having the character's flaws and actions causing more trouble. Even when something goes right, or they somehow save the day, something is sure to go wrong very quickly, sometimes to hilarious results. The plot itself is quite standard for it's fare, but I do like how they do add some unique twists (how Slime's are portrayed), and how events from one misadventure can tie into later events.

- The cast, whilst not being the most likeable lot, are funny and charming enough to carry the series. Kazuma is your typical average isekai protagonist, but what sets him apart is his sarcasm and perverted side. Darkness is a masochist but is loyal and willing to protect her foes, and Megumin's enthusiasm for explosions is very adorkable. Even Aqua (as flawed as she is) does show some awesome moments by season two. They and their actors bounce of each other very well and despite their snipes at each other, you do get a sense of camaraderie between them. I also liked how despite their faults, the team can pull through when it counts, and it gets to the point that when something does go right, you can't help but be happy for them.

-The animation is a mixed case but does have some good points. The closing credits for both series do show some great technical skill (especially with the time lapse effects), and the general background work look decent for a show of it's kind, complete with dynamic animation. Of course this does cause the character's to go off-model on many an occasion (See Con's), but even that adds to the humour.


- Because the show is very expressive and dynamic in its animation, it does cause the character designs to go off-model more than once. I personally did get used to it after a while, but it can be a dealbreaker for others.

Also, for those who prefer their boob physics to be a little more on the perky side, you are gonna hate the floppy, saggy approach the show takes.

- I did personally find the humour to get really mean spirited sometimes. I get the characters are not the most sympathetic, and it does result in some good gags. However, maybe it's because of how pathetic the cast can be, and partially because I do like an underdog, I did feel the show can go a little too far in punishing our heroes. Speaking of humour, such an element can be subjective and I can see some of the gags getting too repetitive and predictable after a short while.

- Out of all the character's, Aqua is perhaps the one I'm most negative with. Even if it does lead to some gags, at times her selfishness and arrogance makes her unlikeable, and it sometimes actually screws over our heroes. Even her wailing can get annoying after a while.

- As of now, it's not exactly done with it's main story, covering only the first 4 novels of over 13. Unless more seasons are announced, it looks doomed to stay this way. It also tends to skip over a couple of adventures from the light novels, with the most notable example being the introduction of lich Wiz, who has already met our heroes when we first see her.

IN SHORT:If you're tired of generic Isekai plots, then this one is darkly funny enough to stand out. With it's twisted spin on RPG tropes, flawed but charming characters and dynamic animation (at the cost of off-model character designs), this is sure to tickle the funnybones of many fantasy fans. However, if you prefer something less mean-spirited or better animated, you may want to look elsewhere.

WATCH IT IF: You want a funnier, cynical approach to the Isekai genre.

SCORE: 3.5 “EXPLOSIONS!” out of 5.